Diabetes Cure Is A Reality Now – Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
The latest researches have proven that type 2 diabetes is completely reversible and curable. Yes,...
8 Side Effects and Health Risks of Caffeine (Coffee)
Despite lot of the Health benefits of caffeine (coffee) there are several unpleasant side effects...
High Blood Uric Acid – Risks, Tests, Treatments
Uric acid is a chemical product created as the result of metabolic breakdown of purine...
Metformin Side Effects – Overdose, Lactic Acidosis, Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, Metformin Precautions
There could be side effects of Metformin as it directly causes the changes in your...
Metformin How to Use – Metformin Dosage, Brands, Precautions
In this article we will explain the metformin uses, metformin dosage, metformin brands, metformin...

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