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How To Become A Blogger On Meri Rasoi

By default when you register on MR website, you will be registered as a Subscriber user. As a Subscriber User you can do the following on MR website


  1. Profile Update, add Profile picture and other profile information
  2. Profile Rank and Profile Reputation
  3. Access Private Message (PM) Board to privately chat with other users.
  4. You can follow other members
  5. Other members can follow


  1. Add New Recipes
  2. Add Comments on Recipes
  3. Add your Rating for Recipes
  4. LIKE Recipes
  5. Add Recipes to your favorite list


  1. Add New Topics/Questions in Forums
  2. Reply to other’s Topics/Questions
  3. LIKE a topic / REPORT a topic
  4. Subscribe to a Topic discussion


  1. Add comments on Blogs
  2. LIKE Blogs

However, as a Subscriber User, you cannot start writing your own Blog on Meri Rasoi. If you have excellent writing skills and expert knowledge on a particular subject, you are most welcome to become an active blog writer on MR.

Meri Rasoi offers a variety of Rewards for excellent Blog writers on MR which really make you excited.

If you want to be a Blogger on MR, please contact us along with your User ID and your Niche (Blog Subject) and we will activate your Blogger account so that you can start writing Blogs on MR.

So let’s get started today and Contact us to shine in the world of Blogging.

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