Category: Sweets Desserts Recipe

Punjabi Apple Rabdi (Rabri) Recipe
Apple rabri is a punjabi sweet and very tasty Indian sweet. Flavoured with grated apple, apple rabdi recipe is one of most…
August 12, 2017511 viewsSweets Desserts Recipe
Milk (Rabri) Rabdi Recipe
Even if you don’t like sweets, I am sure you will fall in love with this rabri recipe. Rabdi is made of…
August 12, 2017472 viewsSweets Desserts Recipe
Jalebi Recipe
Jalebi is one of the most delicious sweets widely used in India. Hindu festivals Diwali and holi are almost incomplete without sweets.…
April 3, 2017553 viewsSweets Desserts Recipe
Gujia Recipe
Gujia recipe is associated with the festivals of Holi and Diwali in India. Gujia is a popular sweet dish of north India.…
December 11, 2016998 viewsSweets Desserts Recipe
Shahi Toast Recipe
Shahi toast recipe or shahi tukda recipe is a Hyderabadi Indian dessert recipe and is a very delicious sweet dish. Making shahi…
October 22, 20162570 viewsSweets Desserts Recipe
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