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Aloo Chat Recipe


4 nos, peeled and cut in cubes of 1/2 inch
1 inch piece, thinly chopped
1 nos, large, chopped
Green chillies
3 nos, chopped
Fresh coriander leaves
3 Teaspoons
Lemon juice
3 Teaspoons
Chat masala
1 Teaspoons
Red chilli powder
1/2 Teaspoons
Cumin powder
1/2 Teaspoons
powder of roasted cumin seeeds
1/2 tsp
or to taste
Refined oil
for deep fry

Preparation mode:

Aloo chat recipe is very popular snacks recipe. Aloo chat is an Indian street food but you can make it at home easily. Aloo chat is spicy and very tasty snacks to explore your taste buds. Aloo chat recipe is a north indian snack but is very popular all around the world. See how to make this easy and quick aloo chat recipe.

Preparation Steps for Aloo Chat Recipe

1. Take one tsp of lime juice, a pinch of salt (according to taste) and chopped ginger in a bowl and mix well. Keep this mixture in freezer till use. This will give your aloo chat a tangy taste while serving.

2. Now heat the oil in a skillet (kadai).

3. When oil is hot, add potato cubes into the oil and deep fry on medium-high flame till the potato cubes are crisp and golden in color.

4. Drain and place on an paper towel to absorb access oil

5. Put the drained potatoes into a big bowl and add chopped onions, salt, chat masala, red chilli powder, cumin powder, chopped green chilies, chopped coriander leaves and remaining lemon juice. Mix all these well.

6. Your aloo chat is ready; when you want to serve, put the above aloo chat in serving bowls and garnish with prepared chopped ginger (from freezer) and coriander leaves.


You can serve the aloo chat along with curd or your favorite sauce.