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Gobi Pakora Recipe


Cauliflower (gobi)
1 nos, medium sized
Gram Flour (besan)
1 Cups
Mango Powder (amchur powder)
1 Teaspoons
4 Cups
Red Chili Powder
½ Teaspoons
1 Cups
1/2 Teaspoons
or to taste

Preparation mode:

Gobi Pakora is one of the most popular Indian snacks recipes. Gobi pakora is made by frying gram flour coated cauliflower (gobi) into hot oil. Gobi pakora is a fried snacks recipe and also known as Cauliflower Pakoda. Gobi Pakora is an easy and mouthwatering Indian snacks recipe and a yummy compliment along with your evening tea. This snack is popular not only in India but all around the world, especially in UK. Gobi pakora is also used as an appetizer. See the preparation steps or this easy snacks recipe i.e. gobi pakora recipe.

Preparation Steps for Gobi Pakora Recipe

1. Cut the cauliflower florets in to medium pieces. Wash the cauliflower pieces properly and drain all the water through a strainer.

2. Take gram flour (besan) in a big bowl, add water gradually and make a thick batter.

3. Now, add red chili powder and mango powder to the batter and blend it well so that both the powders are mixed with batter thoroughly.

Note – We will fry the gobi pakoda in two steps to make them crispier. In step 1 we will half fry them. Then once they are cool, we will fry them again in step 2. This is to make gobi pakoda more crispier.


Step 1

4. Heat the oil in a deep skillet. When oil is hot, dip each piece of cauliflower in batter and put in the oil gently. Make sure that oil drops doesn’t come out while dropping the cauliflower into oil.

Do not put full of skillet gobi pakora at once, but put only a few at a time so that there is enough space for gobi pakora to cook from all sides.

Half fry gobi pakoda on medium flame only for 1-2 minutes till the batter sticks well with pakodas.

5. Drain out the half fried gobi pakora (cauliflower pakora) and let them cool.

Step 2

6. Once half fried gobi pakodas are cool, press each gobi pakoda between your palms gently to flatten them. This will make the pkoda’s outer shall loose so that they will be cooked and be crispier from inside too.

7. Heat the oil on high flame and add palm flattened gobi pakoda in oil. Fry for 1 minutes till their color is changed to dark yellow brown.

8. Your gobi pakoda are ready when they are turned dark yellow brown; drain out of oil and put on a kitchen towel to absorb access oil. Make sure you do not overcook pakoda.

Serve hot with chutney or sauce along with hot tea.


If you are short on time, you can also fry gobi pakoda only in one batch. In this case just fry little more (3-4 minutes) in first batch on medium-high flame so the gobi is cooked from inside and pakoda color is changed to dark yellowish brown color.