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All Recipes Under Category: Soup Recipes
Soups are considered as good foods because of their healthy facts. Soups are the first course of the meal i.e. Appetizers. The soups are very low in calories. Traditionally, soups are made by boiling the ingredients in broth or water. While boiling, the flavors of the ingredients come out and make the ingredients soft and tender. It is the best way to use the leftovers in your refrigerator. Any vegetable or meat can be used to make a healthy bowl of soup.

The major goodness of soup is that it can be made in less time with less effort. Soups are of 2 types, clear and thick soups, further sub categorized into hot and cold soups. There are ample numbers of soups in every cuisine such as fruit soups, cold soups, dessert soups etc. In this category you will find different easy and nutritious soup recipes that you can easily make at home.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup Recipe
Beetroot Soup Recipe
Bok Choy and Shiitake Mushroom soup
Classic Bulgarian Beans Soup
Minestrone Soup Recipe
Tomato Soup Recipe
Lentil Soup Recipe
Chicken Corn Soup Recipe
Bulgarian Tarator Soup Recipe
Spinach Soup with Eggs Recipe
Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe
Chicken Manchow Soup Recipe
French Onion Soup Recipe
Miso Soup With Chicken And Green Beans
Then Thuk Noodle Soup Recipe
Salt Bush and Sorrel Soup Recipe
Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe
Vegetable Manchow Soup Recipe
Creamy Chicken Soup (Chicken Sopas) Recipe
Button Mushroom Clear Soup Recipe
Egg Cucumber Tomato Soup Recipe
Tomato, Bread and Basil Soup
Sweet Corn Chicken Soup Recipe
Veg Sweet Corn Soup
Sauteed Mung Beans (Ginisang Munggo) Recipe
Deep Fried Tofu and Radish Miso Soup Recipe
Bulgarian Beef Soup Recipe
Pumpkin Soup Recipe
Clear Chicken Soup Recipe
Spinach Soup
Spanish Summer soup Recipe
Banana Soup Recipe
Cottage Style Mushroom Soup Recipe
Leek and Potato Soup
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Top 10 Recipies Under Soup Recipes
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